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Established in 2004, Marrsis Disha is involved in procurement for the healthcare industry. We have extensive experience in procurement for the healthcare industry and are associated with suppliers of premium healthcare equipment and consumables. We offer end to end sourcing solutions right from when we understand client requirements to when the goods are delivered to your location. Our product portfolio includes MRI compatible infusion pumps, laryngoscopes and other products, radiation protection equipment, hospital furniture and other ancillary equipment and consumables. We are one stop solution providers with good supplier portfolio that helps our clients meet their sourcing needs.

At Marrsis Disha our focus is to provide the best service to our clients by delivering quality products at the right cost. We believe in long term relations with our suppliers so that we can get the best service for our clients.


To provide the best service to our clients by delivering quality products at the right cost. We believe in treating clients  and suppliers as our partners and maintain long term relations with them.


To become the largest, most respected integrated healthcare solution provider for the industry with an unmatched portfolio of suppliers to help our clients manage their long term procurement needs.   

  • Focus on client satisfaction
  • Long term relations with trusted suppliers
  • Best available quality at competitive prices
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Effective communication
  • Conducive to change

Procurement cycle management

01. Identification of suppliers

Based on client requirements, we shortlist several relevant suppliers from our database. The prospective vendors are carefully selected based on product specifications, cost and reliability.

02. Communication with supplier

Once suppliers have been shortlisted, we start to communicate with them on your behalf. We obtain technical specifications and quotations and start to investigate which supplier matches your requirements. We take care of the entire process, follow up and investigate on the client’s behalf. Due to the sophistication of medical infrastructure products, post sales services like installation, service and warranty are carefully scrutinized

04. Negotiation

We negotiate with the suppliers on your behalf based on your specifications. Quality and price are major consideration. All critical points like possible customization, delivery schedule etc are discussed with the supplier according to your guidelines. After a consensus has been reached, we place an order for the product on your behalf.

05. Logistics

We manage the logistics involved in getting the product to the clients location. The shipment is monitored and payment is completed.

06. Liasoning with the supplier

In certain cases we monitor the performance of the product and take care of any post sales queries or trainings. Based on your feedback, we evaluate suppliers for future reference. Our trusted supply partners are always there to help you out with post sales queries or service.

Procurement cycle adapted from wikipedia

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