MRI Safe Fire Extinguishers

We deal in MRI safe fire extinguishers. These non ferrous fire extinguishers work on the water mist technology suitable for class A fires where a potential class C (electrical) hazard exists.

These fire extinguishers are made of non ferrous materials which makes them non magnetic. They have been tested to be suitable for use in MRI rooms.

Fine spray provided superior cooling characteristics and prevents spreading of burning material.

MRI Safe Solution

MRI compatible fire extinguishers tested by an independent testing facility to be safe for MRO facilities up to 7 tesla

Non magnetic pull pin and wall bracket included

Best For Hospital

Undoubtedly the best for hospital & MRI room use. Easy to operate and maintain. No toxicity or respiratory concerns.

Antiseptic paint makes them easy to clean.

High End Tech

Water mist technology using de-ionized water is superior to halon alternatives. Demonstrates superior fire extinguishing capabilities in addition to providing safety from electrical shock.


  • No ODP
  • No EPA phase our restrictions
  • Ozone friendly
  • For Class A fires with possibility of Class C hazard
  • Ul listed with ultra low agent conductivity
  • No powder residue


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